Politoons are 30 second animated editorial cartoons done in the style and tradition of newspaper political cartoons. The humour is satirical, sophisticated and irreverent. The style is sharp and simple, reflecting the talent of the artists involved. Artists Bruce McKinnon and Brian Gable are among those featured. Politoons is a welcome edition to the history of satire and editorial art.



CARTOONISTS: Bruce McKinnon, Brian Gable

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Christopher Zimmer

PRODUCER: Robin Johnston

ANIMATION: Adner Animation Productions Inc.


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Kids Planet Video

Kids Planet Video was a program where children from around the globe send their video "letter" to Kids' Planet. Anything goes as they compare hopes, dreams and experiences and discover that - no matter where they live, or what their race, color or religion - they're not so different, after all.


CAST: Harvey Silver

WRITER: Kely Lyons

AIR DATE: 1998

Animated Logos

Animated Logos

Grasshoppers Taekwondo Promotional Video

Grasshoppers Taekwondo Promotional Video

Grasshoppers Taekwondo Taekwon Video Intro

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